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Opera Galactica

Opera Galactica was originally written as a vehicle to bring new audiences to opera. Since its initial success at the Edinburgh festival it has been seen in over six different productions in the UK, Poland and Australia.


In 2020, working with the film maker Adrian Mead, a new digital version was created with a view to taking the show to the big screen. 


For the various theatrical and digital trailers please see the links below: 

'With the perfect balance of comedy, great music, and drama, this production was all that it aimed to be.'

Alison Paris, Cut Common Magazine, (March 14, 2019)


'The best thing to happen to opera since Bohemian Rhapsody.'

Iain MacWhirter, Sunday Herald, (2004)

'See Opera Galactica before it closes - use the force and get going to this goofy galaxy far, far away!'

Craig Harold Ball, Queensland Arts (March 14, 2019)

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