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A Cabaret called Hamlet

Originally conceived as an after dinner entertainment to Sir Ian Mckellen's 2022 Edinburgh Festival production of Hamlet, this cabaret show has since toured through out the Uk and in 2023 also performed at the Guilin festival in China



With everything from Jerry Lee Lewis to Beethoven, Charles Aznavoor to Ambroise Thomas, a Cabaret called Hamlet shows the mulititude of influences the bard has exhibited on an eclectic group of muscicians.



The show uncovered a number of unexpected discoveries. Who knew. for example, that our esteemed former Prime Minister was working on a biography of the bard?



Of course, we all claim to love Hamlet - but how many of us are really able to stick with the often baffling list of characters and plot twists? With the assistance of  Pulp we've come up with a way to make sense of these Royal People... 

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